Exercitamenta Interactiva


Students enrolled in any of our courses have exclusive access to our interactive Latin exercises.

This is an online resource with more than 1500 effective exercises that review the vocabulary and grammar learned in the classes.

The EXERCITAMENTA have been carefully written and worked on to serve as a pleasant and suitable complement to the study of maestro Ørberg’s FAMILIA ROMANA book. There are also more than nine hundred exercises to work through the complementary book of readings FABVLAE SYRAE.

The exercises are programmed in a very simple format which lets them be utilized on different platforms, including smartphones, and are therefore an ideal medium through which to review one’s Latin knowledge anywhere and at any time.

In addition, for all Greek students, we offer free interactive exercises ΑΣΚΗΣΕΙΣ specially prepared by ourselves as a complement to the ΑΘΗΝΑΖΕ method.