Individual lessons by Skype


Methodology: Our teaching follows an active, natural approach. We prioritize vocabulary acquisition and oral fluency. Grammar is assimilated in a natural way through exercises in the same way grammar is internalized while learning modern languages. We use texts based on active learning as well as our own materials such as audio recordings, video lessons and interactive exercises.

Latin Classes: In the Latin classes we use the books from the series Lingua Latina per se Illustrata by Professor Hans Henning Ørberg, recognized worldwide as one of the best and most efficient methods for teaching Latin. It is a course written entirely in Latin based on the contextual inductive method in which each new word or grammatical concept can be deduced from the context. The student that successfully completes the 56 chapters in the series is well prepared to comfortably read the great authors of Latin literature.

Greek Classes: While our methodology is highly individualized to meet the level, interests, and goals of each student, we typically recommend the Italian edition of the ΑΘΗΝΑΖΕ textbook and an active use of ancient Greek. In accordance with Stephen Krashen's Comprehensible Input Hypothesis the first goal of instruction is for the student to understand as many meaningful and compelling messages in the target language as possible, first passively (through reading and listening) and then, when it is expedient, actively. In order to facilitate grammatical instruction and to reduce the need for the use of the vernacular, we employ an intuitive system of hand-signs to indicate the case, person, number, tense, voice, and mood of nouns or verbs along with some additional signs for adverbs and prepositions.

Small-gruop Classes: If you are two or three friends, you can form a small group and learn together, in which case the monthly fee is shared among all. The max number of students per group is three.

Technical requirements: Classes are given via Skype. The only things needed are a high-speed internet connection (HDSL or fiber-optic) and a computer with a microphone. Most students who have never used a videoconference program learn how to use it in a few minutes. Normally by the third class they feel so comfortable that they forget the professor is not in their house.

For further information: You can send us an email in order to arrange a first, free meeting, with no commitement on your part, to discuss your needs and adapt the methodology and schedule to them.