Free online Bible, Latin and Ancient Greek classes in radio format


 LINGVA LATINA NOSTRA QVOTIDIANA: It is a radio-style emission to orient and motivate autodidact students who are working with the method LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA. Besides tips and tricks designed for the student to derive the most benefit from the method, the program offers exercises to review vocabulary and vowel length with macrons and to develop oral agility in spoken Latin.

 LATIN AND BIBLICAL GREEK LESSONS: Professor Carlos M. Aguirre comments on texts from the Old and New Testaments in Latin and Greek according to the versions of the Clementine Vulgate, the Septuagint, and the Byzantine version of the Greek New Testament.

LA BIBLIA DE SCÍO: Texts from the Latin Vulgate with Spanish translation and notes by Rev. Felipe Scío de San Miguel, Sch. P.

ΠΡΟΓΥΜΝΑΣΜΑΤΑ ΕΙΣ READING GREEK: Exercises to assimilate the vocabulary of the first chapters of this method.

All our radio classes are free and a great opportunity for Spanish language learners who are also interested in Latin and Ancient Greek.